Kentaro Takahira

I am a freelance data scientist interested in data science and HCI. My current focus is to enable advanced decision-making using artificial intelligence techniques through effective visualization and interpretation. Please see Publication for my previous presentations/publications in journals and international AI and Design conferences. I also provide online/offline courses about data visualization and AI in parallel with my research. (Please refer to CV)


by ArtLine

Experience & Skills

I am well versed in the following technologies in my business/research activities and other PJs.

Machine Learning / Statistical Modeling

Construction of supply-demand prediction models and visitor judgment models.

Data Visualization

Vizualization of Data with D3 and various web-related technologies.

Mathmatical Simulation

Building and experimenting with car-sharing usage dynamics simulation and tire wear dynamics simulation.

Geo Data Analysis

Analysis of GPS data obtained from people/vehicles, satellite data analysis, etc.

Agile Development / DevOps

Agile development Project Manager, CI/CD, Test Driven Development, etc.

Creative Coding

Art creation using p5js, Photoshop and etc.