Refereed Publications


Echoes in the Gallery: A Collaborative Immersive Analytics System for Analyzing Audience Reactions in Virtual Reality Exhibitions

Yuan, L., Tong, W., Takahira, K., Wen, Z., Yang, Y., and Qu, H.

MERCADO Workshop @ IEEE Visualization Conference (VIS), 2023

We proposed a collaborative immersive analytics system for effectively analyzing the reactions of audiences in virtual reality exhibitions.


Contract-based Inter-user Usage Coordination in Free-floating Car Sharing

Takahira, K., and Matsubara, S.

Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. 2021

A decentralized control method is proposed to solve the supply-demand imbalance problem in free-floating car sharing, and its effectiveness is verified by multi-agent simulation.


Forecasting the movement of internally displaced people by artificial intelligence

Oishi, A., Teshima, T., Kojima, N., Kiriha, M., Kojima, N., Sasaki, T., Takahira, K., Takeuchi, T., Tajima, K., Noda, C., Hirose, H., and Yamanaka, S.

Digital Innovations, Business and Society in Africa: New Frontiers and a Shared Strategic Vision (Springer)

My team investigated methods for predicting refugee routes and developed a prediction model in the field of Congolese people.

Short Paper


Landslide visualization situated on tangible terrain models

Li, H,. Takahira, K., Wong, KK., Yang, L., Tong, W., and Qu, H.

Poster Session @ IEEE Visualization Conference (VIS), 2023

Using a tangible terrain model of Hong Kong, we proposed a system that effectively analyzes data related to landslides and precipitation for the general public.


Service Design of MaaS for Tourism

Hayakawa Y., Li J., Oku T., Takahira K., Li H., Kawamori R., Sato A.-H.

The Conference of Transdisciplinary Federation 2018

A survey and recommendations on MAAS-type service design in the field of tourism was presented.

Talk and Poster

Self-Organizing Regulation Method in Free-Floating Car-Sharing

Kentaro Takahira

Joint Agent Workshop & Symposium 2018 (JAWS2018) IEEE Japan Chapter

Short discussion abount self-organized regulation method in free-floating car sharing

Multi-agent System and Society

Kentaro Takahira

Workshop on Recent Developments in Economic Theory and Its Applications 2016 Kyoto University

Short discussion at the workshop organized by Nishiyama Laboratory, Kyoto University.